Safer Sex

STDs now-a-days are very commonly seen in our community and the reason behind their spread is unsafe sexual activity. However there isn’t any kind of sex we can call as SAFE, so abstinence is the only way to keep you away from STDs.

Having sex with only one partner is quite safe until both the partners are unaffected.

To have safer sex, safer guidelines should be followed and this is the only way you can keep yourself from harmful STDs.

Every one of us should care about our health and must take considerable precautions, let’s follow the guidelines for having safer sex.

As most of the people are unaware of their being infected spread infection to their partner, so it should be the weighty for the individuals to take regular check-up and tests.

One should be sincere and honest to the partner if one finds himself infected with an STD and should take preventative measures to stop the spread.


How can I lower my risk using safer sex?

There are vaccines available in the market that can reduce or even ends up the risk of getting the STDs, so for such purpose take proper vaccination. HIV is one of the lethal STDs but can be prevented by taking measures. Therefore, individuals should practice safer sex activities.

There are some safe activities that ha help your sexual activation to some extent i.e. masturbation, cybersex, hand jobs or sexy talks. Non-sexual massage is also harmless as these activities avoid contact with blood or sex fluids and there is no risk of infection from viruses and bacteria, like, Chlamydia, HIV/AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis or Chancordia.

Unsafe sexual activities put an individual to a high risk of getting STDs. When an individual’s soft and thin areas contacts with blood and sex fluids of infected partner, the viruses or bacteria damage the tissue and enter the blood stream of the unaffected partner thereby causing STDs to the healthy individual.

Vaginal or rectal intercourse is very unsafe if it is unprotected. Oral sex has some risk of transmitting STDs, especially if sexual fluids get in the mouth when the gums are bleeding and have sores in mouth.

Pieces of latex or plastic wrap or condoms over the penis, can be used as barriers during oral sex.

Is oral sex safer sex?

The spread of STDs can be reduced through oral sex but it is not exactly right to say that oral sex is a safer form of sex. Having oral sex if it is unprotected can be a cause of STDs like HIV, herpes and gonorrhea.

Using barriers like, Dental dams and condoms be able to make the oral sex safer. Don’t use food products like that are oil based because they can break down the protective latex being used.

How can I use sheer glyde or dental dams to make oral sex safer?

Dental dams are oral dams that are made of latex, available at pharmacies and are used during dental treatments. They can also be used in another way, say, as barriers to during sexual activity to protect individuals from STDs of any kind.

A latex sheet during sexual activity can be held by any one of the partners around the orifice or there are dental dams having adhesive stripe to hold the sheet in place.

It may be little difficult to use dental dams at first but they are very much easy to use. Before using dental dams make sure that there are no perforations.

Use the dental dams only from one side and don’t flip it to take another round because it will be of no use then.

How can I have safer sex with my sex toys?

To use a sex toy like vibrators, dildos, butt-plugs and strap-ons etc, you need to be sure about their cleanliness. Don’t use or share such sex toys that may draw blood from the skin because such toys can spread STDs.

It depends on the material of sex toy that how to keep it clean, so must read the cleaning instructions of the toy before using it. If you don’t clean your sex toys before using them they can cause STDs like Chlamydia, herpes, syphilis hepatitis and HIV.

Don’t use the sex toy that is broken somewhere or have scratches because such sex toy can keep the germs hidden in its carves and become the reason of STDs.



How can I use lubricant for safer sex?


Good lubricants ensure the safer sex to be pleasurable but make sure about the kind of lubricant. Since lubricant reduces friction of the orifice, they are mostly used during sexual activity, but if you choose a wrong lubricant like food stuffs i.e. whipped cream or oil, it can break other protective barriers.

Use such lubricants that are compatible with the latex barriers like dental dams and condoms, otherwise, it can be harmful.

What about safer sex and drugs and alcohol?


As we know excessive alcohol intake makes the individual out of senses but increases the desire to have sex. Adults who use alcohol are more likely to have unprotected sex that becomes the reason of STDs.

Alcoholic individual is at higher risk of getting STDs because alcohol damages the body’s immune system.

If individuals are really concerned about their health, they should promise their selves about not using alcohol before sexual activity

How does safer sex make sex feel better?


Having safer sex makes you feel better during sexual activity because it take you out of the fret of being infected by STDs. It is sometimes hard for people to talk about sex before having it and that is why they increase their risk of getting infected.

It’s a real good idea to talk about protective measures and prepare yourself mentally about the harms of unsafe and unprotected sex; this will surely help you feel relaxed and better.

How do condoms make sex safer?


Since the condoms are used as barriers of protection so, first of all their use reduces the worries of getting STDs. For some individuals it is so irritating and bothersome to use condoms but if you choose right size and different brands and flavors, condoms are not at all a discomfort during your act of love.

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